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In turn, local businesses looked south to the opportunities afforded by cheap Mexican labor. Furthermore, the period from to saw the bracero program which brought in cheap Mexican labor into the rural area to replace the losses of the native white population.

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In turn, seeking better-paying jobs these migrants also moved to El Paso. By , Hispanics once again were a majority. Meanwhile, the post-war expansion slowed again in the s, but the city continued to grow with the annexation of surrounding neighborhoods and in large part because of its significant economic relationship with Mexico. This strike was originated and led by Chicanas, or Mexican American women, due to Farah Manufacturing Company, one of the largest factories in the city, being unorganized, low wages, discrimination, no benefits, lack of gender-neutrality, health and safety hazards, and unattainable quotas.

It is the only major Texas city on Mountain Time. El Paso is closer to the capital cities of four other states - Phoenix , Arizona miles away ; [37] Santa Fe , New Mexico, miles away ; [38] Ciudad Chihuahua , Chihuahua, miles away , [39] and Hermosillo , Sonora miles away [40] - than it is to the capital of its own state, Austin miles away. The Franklin Mountains extend into El Paso from the north and nearly divide the city into two sections; the west side forms the beginnings of the Mesilla Valley , and the east side expands into the desert and lower valley.

They connect in the central business district at the southern end of the mountain range. Additionally, this mountain range is home to the famous natural red-clay formation, the Thunderbird, from which the local Coronado High School gets its mascot's name. According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of During this period, southerly and southeasterly winds carry moisture from the Pacific, the Gulf of California , and the Gulf of Mexico into the region. When this moisture moves into the El Paso area and places to the southwest, orographic lift from the mountains, combined with strong daytime heating, causes thunderstorms , some severe enough to produce flash flooding and hail, across the region.

El Paso and the nearby mountains also receive snow. In the — winter season, three major snowstorms produced record seasonal snowfall. On December 25—26, , 6. On April 4—7, , One example of El Paso's varying climate at its most extreme was the damaging winter storm of early February , which caused closures of schools, businesses, and City Hall. The snow, which was light, stopped after about a day, but during the ensuing cold episode, municipal utilities went into a crisis.

Two local power plants failed, forcing El Paso Electric to institute rolling blackouts over several days, [50] and electric wires were broken, causing localised blackouts.

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Many water utility pipes froze, causing areas of the city to be without water for several days. Monthly means range from Although the average annual rainfall is only about 9. El Paso is located in the far western corner of Texas which is roughly the only part of the state that is located within the Mountain Time Zone , as opposed to the Central Time Zone.

This part of town contains some of the city's oldest and most historic neighborhoods. Located in the heart of the city, it is home to approximately , people. El Paso Street and Paisano Dr. Today, central El Paso has grown into the center of the city's economy and a thriving urban community. It contains numerous historic sites and landmarks mostly in the Sunset Heights district. In the late s most of the white American residents lived to the north of the non-white areas, living in brick residences along Magoffin, Myrtle, and San Antonio Avenues.

Hispanic-American residents lived in an area called Chihuahuita "little Chihuahua " , which was located south of Second Avenue and west of Santa Fe Street. Many of the Chinese Americans participated in the building of railroads in the El Paso area. Better known as West El Paso or the West Side, the area includes a portion of the Rio Grande floodplain upstream from downtown which is known locally as the Upper Valley and is located on the west side of the Franklin Mountains.

The Upper Valley is the greenest part of the county due to the Rio Grande. The west side is home to some of the most affluent neighborhoods within the city, such as the Coronado Hills and Country Club neighborhoods. It is one of the fastest-growing areas of El Paso. Historic districts Kern Place and Sunset Heights are in this part of town.

Kern Place was founded in by Peter E. Kern , for whom the neighborhood was named. The homes of Kern Place are unique in architecture and some were built by residents themselves. It is known as "The Castle" due to its round walls and a crenelated rooftop. Kern Place is extremely popular with college and university students.

The area is known for its glitzy entertainment district, restaurants and coffee shops who cater to both business patrons and university students. This bar scene has grown over the years and has attracted thousands to its annual Mardi Gras block party as well as after sporting events or concerts. Young men and women make up the majority of the crowds who stop in between classes or after work. Sunset Heights is one of the most historic areas in town, which has existed since the latter part of the s. Many wealthy residents have had their houses and mansions built on this hill. Although some buildings have been renovated to their former glory, but many have been neglected and have deteriorated.

During the Mexican Revolution, a widely popular Mexican revolutionary leader, Doroteo Arango also known as Francisco "Pancho" Villa , owned and resided in this area during the s. This part of town is located north of central El Paso and east of the Franklin Mountains. Development of the area was extensive during the s and s.

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It is one of the more ethnically diverse areas in the city due to the concentration of military families. The Northeast has not developed as rapidly as other areas like east El Paso and northwest El Paso , but its development is steadily increasing. It is expected that the population will grow more rapidly as a result of the troop increase at Ft. Bliss in the coming years. The area is located north of Interstate 10, east of Airway Blvd. It is the largest and fastest growing area of town with a population of over , It includes the ZIP Code, which was considered in as the most populous in the nation with over , people.

East El Paso is noted also for its ridges and cliffs which offer desirable views of the lower valley, the Franklin Mountains and downtown El Paso. It also possesses the greatest number of entertainment venues in the city. Formerly known as the lower valley, it includes part of Eastside and all lower valley districts.

It is the third largest area of the city, behind east El Paso and central El Paso. Hawkins Road and Interstate 10 border the Mission Valley. In the Isleta Pueblo tribe revolted against the Spaniards who were pushed south to what is now El Paso. Some Spaniards and tribe members settled here permanently. Soon afterward, three Spanish missions were built; they remain standing, currently functioning as churches: On April 30, , the northward-bound Spanish conquistadors crossed large sand dunes about 27 miles south of present-day downtown El Paso.

It is said that the expeditionaries and their horses ran toward the river, and two horses drank themselves to death. This was the first documented and true Thanksgiving in North America. The Tigua pronounced Tiwa is one of three Indian tribes in Texas whose sovereignty is recognized by the United States government. Ysleta is spelled with a "Y" because 19th-century script did not differentiate between a capital "Y" and a capital "I. El Paso is surrounded by many cities and communities in both Texas and New Mexico. The tower did use a design of the United States flag during the July 4 holidays, as well as the American hostage crisis of , and was lit continuously following the September 11 attacks in until around The tower is now only lit during the holiday months, or when special events take place in the city.

As of U. The population density was 2, There were , housing units at an average density of Ethnically, the city was: There were , households in , out of which The average household size was 3.

In the city, the population was distributed as The median age was 31 years. For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were El Paso has a diversified economy focused primarily within international trade , military, government civil service, oil and gas , health care, tourism and service sectors.

Cotton, fruit, vegetables, and livestock are also produced in the area. El Paso has added a significant manufacturing sector with items and goods produced that include petroleum, metals, medical devices, plastics, machinery, defense-related goods and automotive parts. The city is the second busiest international crossing point in the U. It is a Western Refining subsidiary which owns, operates, develops, and acquires terminals, storage tanks, pipelines, and other logistics assets.

The list of the largest Hispanic owned businesses includes companies like Fred Loya Insurance , a Hispanic company and the 18th largest Hispanic business in the nation. In addition to the military, the federal government has a strong presence in El Paso to manage its status and unique issues as an important border region. Call center operations employ more than 10, people in the area. Education is also a driving force in El Paso's economy. El Paso's three large school districts are among the largest employers in the area, employing more than 20, people among them.

Amigo Airsho is one of El Paso's premier events, and is ranked as one of the top ten air shows in the country. The show is filled with air entertainment and ground activities. Acts include the Franklin's Flying Circus, where performers walk on the wings of an airborne plane. Ground activities include the Jet Powered School Bus. Participants are encouraged to ride the river and float the Rio Grande with family and friends.

The organizers encourage the building of unique rafts that will get you down the river with prizes and trophies awarded for the most points earned, best looking crew, and best decorated raft. The race starts at the Vinton bridge and ends three miles downstream at the Canutillo bridge.

Consistently ranked as one of the top 50 shows in the country by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association , this charitable event is a true celebration of western culture and heritage. Fiesta de las Flores is the oldest Hispanic Festival in the Southwest. The three-day Fiesta is held each year during the Labor Day weekend and emphasizes El Paso's Hispanic heritage and culture. The Fiesta is also well known for the authentic regional cuisine, arts and craft wares, games, and services available for the enjoyment of all segments of the attendees.

Over 80 booths, sponsored by local vendors and nonprofit organizations create the Hispanic ambience and culture. The El Paso Balloonfest is an annual event celebrated on Memorial Day weekend and is self described as "3 days of hot air balloons filling the El Paso skies, 3 afternoons of concerts and fun in the sun at Wet N' Wild Waterworld in Anthony , Texas.

After the balloons launch, visitors have a weekend of water rides, swimming, concerts, and grilling. The concert aspect of the event features local bands, starting at noon, and different headlining artists in the afternoon. The outdoor concert series, started in , is held annually at the Chamizal National Memorial and draws over 60, attendees. It features local and international performers with musical genres ranging from Classical, Country, Tejano, rock and others.

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The evening concerts are showcased every Sunday afternoon and start in early June and end in the middle of August. The only El Paso musical festival not held downtown; instead it is held at Ascarate Park. The Sun City Music Festival is a two-day event dubbed as the largest electronic dance music festival in Texas. The Texas Showdown Festival is an annual event celebrating musicians and tattoo artists under one roof.

The outdoor musical extravaganza Viva! It is locally produced and chronicles the year history and cultural evolution of the El Paso region. El Paso has entertained local residents and out-of-town visitors for over 35 years. The El Paso Symphony was established in the s, it is the oldest performing arts organization in El Paso and the longest continuously running symphony orchestra in the state of Texas. Special events serve as outreach toward new audiences. Ballet was largely nonexistent in El Paso until the arrival of Ingeborg Heuser , a professional ballerina from Germany, in the s.

Heuser taught ballet at the University of Texas at El Paso for 47 years and founded the city's first professional ballet company, firstly known as Texas Western Civic Ballet and eventually as Ballet El Paso. With students from the youth ballet, Heuser staged her last Nutcracker in The youth company continues to perform the Nutcracker and other pre-professional pieces in and around the El Paso area.

The company provides the only platform for young ballet dancers to train and perform at such a level within the city since the folding of Ballet El Paso. El Paso City Ballet is a current professional ballet company in El Paso, providing local employment for professional dancers in the field of ballet. The company performs a variety of classical and contemporary works choreographed by Artistic Director Lisa Skaf and artists from the US and Latin America.

It hosts Broadway productions, musical concerts, individual performers and the annual Plaza Classic Film Festival. Its exterior resembles a sombrero and features a three-story glass main entrance. The theater's seating is in three levels. There is also a meeting room adjacent to the theater. Events held at Chavez Theatre include concerts , Broadway shows, graduation ceremonies, performances of the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, and other special events.

In the canyon, McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre is surrounded on three sides by canyon walls; the 1,seat amphitheater is used for concerts and special events, such as Viva! The El Paso Playhouse is a community theatre that provides entertainment and educational experiences to a diverse multicultural population through the high quality production of plays and theatrical events.

The Playhouse provides a venue for artists, technicians, patrons and community members to participate in the arts through regularly scheduled season productions, and holiday performances. The theatre presents 4 fully staged musicals each season and a fully staged student produced musical. The museum includes dioramas for school children which illustrate the culture and geology of the American Southwest, such as Hueco Tanks in El Paso County.

It contains works of southwestern artists such as Tom Lea. El Paso is home to the Sun Bowl , the second oldest consecutive college football contest [] after the Rose Bowl. Its first game was held in On September 18, , the city council voted to approve the demolition of the its city hall to make way for Southwest University Park , [] the new home of the El Paso Chihuahuas Triple-A team San Diego Padres affiliate ; it opened in The El Paso Marathon takes place annually since The El Paso Patriots played their last season in and are no longer an organization.

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