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Save for a few, I was pleasantly surprised by most of the men I spoke to over the app. Number of women on Tinder was not only underwhelming but less than a couple dozen. Some were men posing to be women and others, sex workers or transvestites trying to digitize their domain so I fully understand their predicament. One guy I chatted up talked about lack of cultural context being the reason behind the dearth in dating pool, especially for men.

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Being perfectly frank about his own contradicting beliefs, however, he said he was looking for someone he can have a good time with, nothing heavy, no strings attached. Speaking about Narcos and Coke Studio became a regular feature. Some asked for Snapchat IDs to be forthright and verify your legitimacy , others thought it was fair to exchange Whatsapp numbers or a quick Skype chat perhaps even to reassure you of their own identity and if you refused or told them it was too soon, they shrugged it off instead of unmatching you like they rightfully should.

When push came to shove, one guy politely asked if we could remain in touch and I obliged with my twitter handle. Why would such good looking men need Tinder? The answer is simple: Having said that, not everybody has the luxury of having multiple friends circles in the same city. Some relocate after years of studying abroad and are genuinely looking for like-minded individuals. Other are on there just to have some fun and who are we to judge? Intellectual stimulation was plentiful, meaningful conversations from sociology to psychology, I had a good fix of it all.

Bodmon Zaid and her family are pretty badass! Quite a few Pakistanis living overseas have found a lot of success on Y WOW, a decade of change. No matter how much you hate Deepak Kalal, the video is hard to watch.

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Deepak Kalal is a popular social media personal Hair damage in the winter is worrisome. Protein deficiency, stress, hormonal issues, seasonal changes and even over-s However, it is still very common in our young generation. Like other countries, Pakistani public is also not much behind in using dating apps. Among the sea of dating apps, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there.

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Being a founder of the first dating app of Pakistan, I almost researched all the dating apps to find out the app which has the most active female users in Pakistan. Among all these apps, I found Tinder, the most active dating app used by females. My research was not only to find out the one which has the most active female users, but I was also looking to find out how to get maximum matches on Tinder so that I can craft the best features for my dating app.

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I had already heard reviews from my friends that how useless this Tinder app is? According to most of my friends, they hardly ever get matched to someone on Tinder. Therefore, I had to dig deeper into my research to create the best dating app for Pakistan.

The game is on! After this big disappointment, I went through some articles and applied the tricks gained by them. Most common among them was to complete your profile like your bio, photos and your job. Single Match a Week… Nice. My confidence improved as I started seeing the results. However, it was slow, and I almost missed the best users.

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It was time to game up. I had to go beyond those common tricks. I had to find out what actually attracts the Pakistani female users. After dozens of trials, I finally got 10x frequency of matches. Hence, what were the tricks that worked for me? First of them is to upload your photos in DSLR quality without your friends.

It should be your solo picture. Secondly, your photo should be natural. Positive and humorous vibes should come from your photo.

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Secondly; connect your Instagram account with your Tinder profile. It provides a genuine appeal to your profile and 10x more trust. As in Pakistan, fake profile culture is very common.