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People In This Household. People Looking For Laughter. What's scarier is how did that person get the audio?! I am glad that Suho handled it that way 'Do not bring harm to another group. And if you're that curious, ask me in court instead of through text' if you don't give props to Suho for that line then idk. Lord knows I don't have the kind of patience to handle that person. Oh my god they swore. This scandal must be the end of their whole career. I don't think it matters who it is at this point.

Invasion of privacy should be a more serious matter than the mystery ladies. Yeah she was filmed by her manager who forced her into having sex with him I think. I don't understand how people could listen to the clip, even out of curiosity.. Imagine having every single conversation in your life tapped.

I don't even ~ Netizen Buzz

Why do I think that that person who released the audio wants Apink to get hate??? Well, from what I understand, her manager filmed them having sex without her knowledge and released it. The guy deserves a pat in the back for being so calm. So 10 minutes of exo swearing in Korea is not a big deal, but one broadcast mistake by running man with sulli swearing in chinese ruined her career?

I'm only interested in who won the game and what champions do they play the most tbh. Considering how much hate most netizens dish out on EXO and their fans, I'm surprised they're defending them. And it's a private convo, sasaengs need to stop meddling into their lives. Do Korea have law for privacy or something like that? Being able to hack account freely is quite disturbing And Suho handled the situation like a professional, thumb up for him. I'm so proud of Suho! This is not a big deal lmao. They can curse all they want. I totally agree, that was my bias mind talking nobody wants their bias involved in a stupid scandal but it's true this is crap!!

What kind of psycho does this?! Suho you cool cat. Catch that damn sasaeng or whoever it is.

There's nothing wrong really with the clip like a bunch of friends chatting and gaming in private, EXO didn't even swear, the girl did , it's just frightening that it got leaked out and the sasaeng contacted Suho. The extent of sasaeng ability really And thank you netizens for being comforting for once with regards to EXO.

I'd be annoyed if I was Suho, I don't even know which one he is, but he seemed to handle the situation better than I would have man, I'd have been like "I'll sue you, your parents, your grandparents, your friends, your friends friends and your children and their children, I'll sue everyone you know. I'm happy you realized that victim blaming is bad. Time for the stalkers to be held fully responsible for their actions. Lol I swear I would have been like: I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills.

Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let this go now, that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you. I didn't care enough about them to know anything except that their fanbase was disrespectful. This is not normal, this is a serious invasion of privacy. Now, I feel super bad for them.

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This is so scary Forreal though, boys swear, who cares? It's their fckin business. This article is giving me shivers. Maybe they are though, if they are released like this?! Its so werid, everything thats happend.

A student asked Chen if he dating Apink Yoon Bomi + EXO-L mad at SOPA students

Its like just not sinking in you know. But she didn't get married and have a child then return to Destiny's Child. If Sunye were a solo singer to begin with, she'll expect little to no backlash when she returns to work after giving birth. That pairing just doesn't work for me I don't know they are both too strong vocally to be a pair I feel like they will do better as solo's specially Park Jimin Except Beyonce is a solo singer. Has any girl group member get married, have kids then return to work as a girl group member? I never said all of them are.

Though I've seen my share of kids who aren't exactly little angels. OMG I knew this would have to happen, but really just didn't want it to. I really understand the whole military issue and Korean culture or at least of what I read and fathom I understand this is their own way of 'not letting him get of the hook easily' It was expected tbh, I'm happy she'll focus on acting and hope her new agency is a good one and they'll get her lots of good roles.

Idk what some netizens are saying that she shouldn't pursue acting, I guess they didn't see her acting, then again she only acted once this year so it's expected not everyone saw it, but really Sohee is made for acting and this is what she wanted even before debut anyway now she'll be able to pursue her dream and be taken more seriously in an acting agency.

I'll be supporting her always. For anyone interested in her skills, this is really worth watching: Of course she still do have a individual activities but ain't she a singer so i think that's what make her decide to do so. Bey is a different case. Look at it this way: Adriana Grande gets married and pregnant, but still wants to cater to the kiddie crowd. In the case of the Vietnam War, I think it partially does have to do with that a lot of Vietnamese also fled to the United States as well, especially during the final days of the war the evacuation in Saigon comes into mind - that was quite a huge effort.

Additionally, both the US and Vietnam later made an effort to engage in a better relationship, nor did they constantly demonize one another to promote a nationalist agenda and remain popular in power which is what elements in South Korea and Japan's govt do often. Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot involved.

It's just something I'm surprised more idol agencies haven't jumped on. Like don't you think people would eat up an SNSD clothing line? Even if it was just t-shirts and accessories or something. And it's not like I expect the idols to actually design it, just haven't he agency hire a designer, and slap the celebs' name on it. Maybe I'm just used to celebrity culture in the west where everyone has their own fragrance. P I've obviously thought a lot about this lol. Tbh I should just be managing these idols hahaha. These are solo singers with creative freedom.

Idols are primarily targeted to teenagers, they have to have a clean cut image like: So it's forbidden for married women with kids to do any job after and have carrier?? I know she kinda fucked up Wonder Girls, but they were already fucked up at that point. If she still have passion for being idol singer then she should be. I definitely feel like we're entering a new generation of K-pop Groups like Kara and the Wonder Girls are discontinuing contracts as previous lesser known groups such as SHINee, Infinite and f x are on the fast track up I guess this is what happens after you're in this fandom for so long.

You know sometimes netizens really contradict themselves. It's NOT okay for Idols to drive Hallyu but yet they praise Psy for making your whole country basically look like a joke. Idols and Dramas are the main drive for hallyu, Psy is a one time hit who noone really cares for here. Wouldn't it have been better to use younger girl groups as an example? Like maybe Apink or girl's day in addition to f x.

I don't think male rookie groups are really taking their place. I honestly teared up at his mama perf lol. It's his very first perf after all that shit and im not even his biggest fan talk about soft hearted. Is this what people meant by leaving a sinking ship? Never thought sohee would leave. Not that I care but A Pink or Girls Day isn't at that level yet in comparison to fanbase and as much public recognition.

Exo kai dating apink bomi

I love girl groups as much as the next person, but it takes them a while to build a fandom. SNSD and 2NE1 are under great companies that know how to market them and that's why they're so successful. Such a shame WG has come to this now.. Best of luck to her, I just wish Yeeun will join Sohee by leaving the company..

There's nothing wrong with her still being a singer after having a baby, it's the fact that there's no way she's be able to keep up with an idol's schedule while raising a child. She has no time to do both so unless she becomes a non-idol soloist she'd have to pick one or the other. I commented on the size of the population in Japan because we were talking about Japan having a more diverse music industry. It makes sense that with more people there would be more diversity. There is also evidence that Japan is more ethnically diverse but because the Japanese census does not request information on ethnic backgrounds then there is no official count.

Girl groups can be quite well known despite their small fan base. Crayon Pop is one such case, and even Sistar is in same situation. SNSD has both big fandom and wide public recognition. You think pedophilia equates to abuse to the underaged? That explains how much you generalize. You wanna know why homesexuality is an issue? Your kind causes MORE issues to society.

Marriage is meant for a man and a woman originally, so you guys were never taken away that right - it wasn't yours in the first place.

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Since you believe in unorthodox marriages such as this, how would you feel about polyamory? Gay marriage opens up doors for these types of marriages. Wonder Girls will be like SS, fans will keep saying they have not disbanded but we know the truth. The first dress is weird while the second one is too tight.. I think so too. Why is it a sin for a married woman and mother to be a singer again? K-Netz's standard were way too high. Even when you are in your early 20s, if you are already having kids, you are an ahjumma with perm hairs and wrinkles for them.

Oh god you're so ignorant about jrock it hursts. Bands like uverworld, radwimps, and AKFG are at the top of the charts when they release something, and they are nothing like your perception. Its not a sin, she has the talent to become a great singer. But I personally believe Sunye should stay with her child for atleast 1 year, the baby has to grow healthy the baby needs the mothers milk.

Whats the hurry, how is she going to take care of the baby and promote? The mom needs to be healthy too. He already did his military stint. It was tainted by scandal, but it's over now. He has no plans to reenlist and what's done is done. What he did was terrible, but even if he takes time to "reflect" netizens would still be up in arms. Rain is an entertainer so guess what? The show must go on. Koreans see PSY as a rapping clown.

His closest friends in ent business are in Infinite Challenge. And most of them don't really care how Kpop as in Korean idol music is seen outside of SK anyway. I was so happy when Psy got worldwide attention The first dress looks cheap and a bit tacky. Also, the fit is wrong. The second dress is gorgeous, but the chest area is too damn tight.

Why don't these people make sure their dresses fit properly before they go on the red carpet? That was my question. Do Korean celebs have stylists like they do in the west? I guess they do. Some of these people need to hire a new stylist. I'm not saying that should start promoting right now.

Her baby needs all the love and care she can get. I'm just mad that some people think that if a singer becomes a mother, then they have to disappear from the music scene. I loved her in 'I like it hot', the girl crazy about Brazil was cute. I have to correct this. It wasn't a choice of greed. Because no newbie will want to take up such huge shoes as a WG n get unnecessary hate. To me, she made a brave move, not a greedy move. Just don't mind them.. Sunye just signed again and she's not coming back tomorrow or next year.